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Sound Art Performance/live installation
Date: 20 july
time: 20.00 

Concept and Production: Stine Kloster
Performed by: Blodrim Ensemble

Production support: Foreningen Kvindelig
Entrance is Free, but spaces limited to 20 people. 
contact to reserve a seat 

Attack Decay is a sonic manifestation seeking to explore the potential of sound, as represented by the female voice, as a medium to transmit experiences through space and time. 

This concept is based on a "Science Fiction" approach to reflect on historicity and storytelling. This experimental method and perfomance will seek to explore these questions:
-How do we not only tell of past and current atrocities, traumas, pain, but also convey the shared human experiences as an one or more emotive gestalt(ss?

Can we make it fluid? Can we manifest it in the now? Can the mere utterances, basic sonic movements, create a portal of understanding that we can reach back in time for, and then bring into the present, and thus pass on towards the future?

on July 20 Blodrim Ensemble, a gathering of performers, will conduct this experiment, by creating sounds into the floor, picked up by contact mics. 

The manifestation will be recorded and further resurrected as a multi speaker installation. 

Projektet er støttet af Aarhus Kommune

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