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Beklager Det Sene Svar

- Ess Beck

Happening in Smallspace, live in cyberspace: 20-23 February. 

Beklager Det Sene Svar (Sorry for the late reply), is a accumulative sound art performance situated in Smallspace at KH7 artspace. The performance-action is a reflection of the artist's musings on the reality of the clash between the structural leanings of the late modern neo-liberal economy and social conditions and the daily life of a citizen in the ever-accelerating society of productivity and meaningful consumption of one's own time, as a commodity. 

#Superredundancy #Lazyart 

Watch this space for link to live feed, which will air from February 20 at 21.00.

Visit the installation on feb 23 at 21-22 pm and februar 24 (by appointment essbeckperson(@)

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